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Love Light Peace


Metatron - Keep the Faith

Posted on July 30, 2016 at 6:32 AM

30th July 2016
I am Metatron. The world appears to be in chaos and most of you are fearful.  You did not expect this.  Many have lost faith, for your news tells of many negative things which are happening on your planet.

I have come to tell you not to be afraid, not to lose faith, in fact be full of gratitude for all that you have achieved so far.  For peace on Gaia/Earth cannot happen while there is still darkness.  The darkness has to go.  And now because there is so much light on Gaia, which your news does not tell you, darkness shows its face.  There is nowhere for darkness to go but up from the hidden depths.

We have asked all of you to release darkness from yourselves and many have done this and all in some respect are in this process.  For to get rid of darkness it has to come up out of you and no longer stay hidden inside.
The same is happening with Gaia.  She is bringing all darkness to the surface to be seen.  Once seen the darkness can be dealt with, but not by war or hate.  That would only add to the dark.  Darkness cannot live in Light and Love.  So the answer dear ones is to send light and love to any darkness.  Fear adds to the darkness, Love dispels it.

We know how hard this is for humans, but I and my family in spirit know that you can do it.  For humans are strong and courageous and overcome so many trials.  So stay strong, keep the faith and send love and light to all on the planet and to Gaia herself.

We see that when Gaia cleanses herself and many are killed, how kind you are.  Many pray, meditate, send love and many send money to help victims.  But you need to know that all "victims" volunteered for this before they came to your Earth.  Even so, they need love as many have totally forgotten when they came through the veil.  But no-one goes through anything that they have not volunteered for when in spirit.  Those that want to learn quickly, ask for the hardest lessons.

Know that those going through darkness are the ones who need the most help, who need the most light, who need the most love. When they feel love they start to release darkness to the light and so slowly darkness is overcome by love and light.

So send out as much love and light as you can dear ones.  Daily send your love and send out as much as you can.  Receive the love and light from us in spirit and pass it to others and to Gaia.  We look to you to ground this into your world and into humanity.  For you are the ones who can save your planet.  This work you need to do is hard, but we know that humans can overcome hardships.  This is but one more hardship to go through.

We know that you can do it.  We know because you have done this before, on other planets and in other lives.  Do not think this is the first planet to go through such a trial.  Others have done this previously.  The Pleiadians are helping you at this time, for they too have gone through a very similar process, as did the Arcturians before them.

If they can do it, so can you.  You all volunteered to be on this planet, your Earth/Gaia at this time.  You volunteered to be strong and to send the love and light.  Stay strong Light Warriors.  Stay strong and stay in the Light, so that you can send the light and love out to all.

I and all in the Light of Spirit send you so much love and support.  We are so proud of what you are doing.  For you are winning.  Remember that when you are feeling down.  You are winning.  For only about 10% on your planet is darkness.  See how much you have already accomplished.  Be proud of yourselves to have risen so much in such a short period of time on Gaia.
Be proud, stand tall and encourage new recruits in the Army of Love and Light.  Work well together and overcome that last vestige of darkness, which is what you see in your news.

Love and Light will win the day.  Have faith, be strong, keep up the good work and see that Gaia will love you for it and how Peace on Earth can prevail.  We applaud your efforts and encourage you to more, for all your work in the light raises Gaia more and more into the higher dimensions.  So keep going.  

Blessings to you all from All in the Light of Spirit.

Channelled by Pamela Goodall

Categories: channelling, darkness, faith, Light, love, Peace, warriors

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