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Love Light Peace


Clear Out Your Life

Posted on July 25, 2017 at 9:03 AM
23rd July 2017 - Clear Out Your Life

We are the Arcturians.  well the pace is picking up for now the Lion's Gate is opening and stronger and higher energies are being sent to Gaia, to your world.
if you haven't done so already, it really is time to clear out your life.  Clean and clear your home, then clean and clear yourself.  Discard old habits.  Release old thought patterns.  Remove all negative emotions that are still held in your body.
Forgive those that have hurt you in thought, word or deed.  Then forgive yourself for negative things you have thought, said or done, even if you did those things without thought of the consequences.  (Remember that to forgive someone you do not have to condone what they did.)
Then learn to love each and every one of you.  Did not Jesus when on your planet say that everyone was your neighbour.  All humans are loved unconditionally by God the Creator because they are the Children of God the Creator.  Learn to love unconditionally in the same way.  (Remember that to send love to a person you do not have to like them.)
As you release, forgive and love you allow yourself to carry more light and to raise yourself in a higher consciousness and you flow, not flounder, through the stronger waves of energy that are coming.
So well done all humans who do this, for then you can help your planet light up and overcome the darkness upon her.  You become a Lightworker, working for the whole planet and as you do so you work for the whole galaxy and all of creation.  So well done.
Explanations in italics by Pamela  Goodall.
Channelled by Pamela Goodall

Categories: cleanse, clear, cosciousness, energies, energy, forgiveness, Light, love, spirit

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