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Love Light Peace



Posted on March 30, 2019 at 10:31 AM

29th March 2019 - Love
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we speak of love.  What does love entail?  It requires you to look at another and wonder if that person has any bad traits.  No, he/she looks so perfect in your eyes.  Is this always so? No of course not.  This is the human's ideal of love.
Love is actually looking at someone, recognising their faults and loving them anyway.  Loving them no matter what they do.
Of course there are many kinds of love.  There is the romantic love of a person falling in love with another person by looking in their eyes and seeing their soul.  But there is a more gentle love, where two people have a friendship and find themselves gradually loving each other.
Then of course, there is love of parent, brothers, sisters, and babies.  There is also love of animals.  So many different kinds of love.
There is also unconditional love which is love from God/Creator.  God/Creator loves all of his/her many creations and does not compare one against any other.  God/Creator does not love one more than another.  God/Creator loves all, whether good or bad in the eyes of humans.  All are God/Creator's creations, so why would God/Creator not love them all.
When humans can love all on the planet unconditionally, then love will take over the planet and peace will ensure.  It's as easy or hard as that.  The choice is yours and always has been.
This message has been sent to Gaia/Earth many times, in many ways.  Jesus/Jeshua gave this message, "Love your neighbour as yourself".  This is true today as it has always been.  For when the majority on the planet realise that unconditional love is the answer, Love and Peace will come.
Channelled by Pamela Goodall

Categories: channelling, Earth, Gaia, Light, love, Peace

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