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Love Light Peace


Light is winning

Posted on October 16, 2019 at 12:46 PM

15th October, 2019 - Light is winning.
Hello we are The Arcturians.  Today we wish to greet you once more, it has been a while. 
So know that the time for change is upon you and all the earth.  As so many of you are now working for Light, so darkness is falling back.  Darkness is still fighting to stay, but it is a losing battle for those in the dark. 
Light always wins.  It is so simple.  Dark cannot exist in the Light. Darkness is disappearing from your planet.  We can see this from our perspective.  However, it is hard for people on Gaia to witness this, when the news shouts out negativity and darkness constantly.  Know that the news is only a small part of what is happening. 
There is greater and greater division between dark and light on your planet.  Even you can see this, it is getting obvious.  So do not listen or watch the news.  Know that the Light is winning.
Soon, how soon is up to you, but soon Light will overcome the dark.  Yes,  there will be things to clear and clean up.  This is the aftermath after a storm.  So notice the division.  See the Light and know that Gaia is being reborn.
Channelled by Pamela Goodall

Categories: cleanse, clear, Creator, darkness, God, Light, planet

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