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Love Light Peace


The Divine Feminine is rising

Posted on May 11, 2020 at 8:56 AM
5th April, 2020
Merlia - The Divine Feminine and Unconditional Love
Hello this is Merlia, we haven't spoken for a while, but now is the time.
The Divine Feminine is rising.  The Divine Feminine is changing, growing stronger, not just in females, but also in the males.  Balancing male and female, not dominant, just equal.  This is as it should be.  The male energy and the female energy, both compliment each other.  Both are there for a purpose. 
But for too long the male energy has had the dominance and now it is time to balance, to balance the feminine with the masculine.  And the feminine is rising to this challenge now.  As I said before, not just within the females, but within the males as well.  For females also have a masculine side and so the males have a feminine side. This is as it should be.  Balanced, balanced  energy, neither too dominant, each  working together in cohesion, working together to make the world a better place. 
And it is becoming a better place.  You may not feel this right now, for you are going through a hard time on planet Earth, on planet Gaia.  But this is changing the energy, this is changing everything for you.  So do not fear, but instead go into Love, Unconditional Love.  Send out Unconditional Love to everyone on the planet, especially those in fear.  For there is much fear on the planet now, but fear is not good, anxiety is not good, stress is not good.
 So send out that unconditional Love to allay those fears, to allay the stress, to allay the negativity and to bring everything into positivity.  So that Gaia may rise higher and higher, for a new Portal has opened and the energy is pouring in.  Allow yourself to flow with this energy.  Allow yourself to flow.  Put no barricades up with fears or stress, instead open yourselves to Love, the purest Love, Unconditional Love and allow this to be within your soul, your heart, your mind.  Allow this to be You, totally You, Unconditional Love, for that is the God energy, the Creator energy, the strongest energy of them all. So be in the Love, the Unconditional Love with the Divine Feminine.
Thank you dear friends, thank you.  I am Merlia.

Channelled through Pamela Goodall

Categories: blessings, channelling, cosciousness, Divin Masculine, Divine Feminine, energy, God, Light, love, spirit

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